Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rainy June

The news is saying that it's one of the rainiest June's on record. I'm not too happy about this but am trying to just focus on the fact that July is just around the corner. Usually that means summer will be in full swing here in Portland, so let's hope that stands true! 

Another thing that's just around the corner... my birthday! July 1st to be exact. I LOVE my birthday. I don't care for the whole getting older part so much but having a day dedicated all to oneself? Yes please! 

Annie and I already have big plans to celebrate my birthday on Friday with the opening of the movie Magic Mike.


I believe the conversation went a little something like this:

Edna: "Magic Mike opens on the Friday before my birthday!!! Can we go see it in celebration of my birthday?"

Annie: "Of course! Do we even know what the movie is about?"

Edna: "Do we need to know what the movie is about?"

Annie: "Nope!"

For now we must all wait very patiently for Friday. I can already tell this is going to be a long week.

Yesterday was my first run since having my steroid shots. Although the doctor said I could run as soon as last Saturday I ended up taking a few extra days because the injections sites turned into painful, nasty, purple bruises. The fact that it poured down rain all weekend was a bonus for not making me feel guilty about taking those extra few days off. 

Pre-run. Trust me, we never look this good at the end.
I can definitely feel the difference with the steroid shots. The pain is gone, so now I feel like I can finally resume to normal runs. To be able to run as long as I feel like instead of how long my foot will hold out is definitely going to be refreshing.


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