About Us:

When we first met we had an instant connection.  It was like we found our duplicate, a friend that liked everything we liked. Coincidentally we were both training for the Portland Marathon in October of 2010. Annie (Katie) then joined Edna (Kelly) and her friend in training runs and we got to know even more about one another. One thing we quickly learned about one another is that we wear the exact same size from head to toe (how convenient). It makes packing for vacations easy. Friends and family caught on to our similarities and starting calling us little old ladies and sisters and that’s how the nicknames Annie and Edna happened.  The similarities only start there and you’ll easily see more from our posts. Over the past couple years our friendship has continued to grow and now that Annie and B are moving away, we needed a way to stay in contact. Welcome to our blog, Annie and Edna, our way of staying in contact, keeping connected, and sharing it with all of you. Enjoy!
Edna (Kelly) & Annie (Katie)
Annie (Katie): 
I was born and raised in the Portland, Oregon area and am making the move to Indiana in support of my boyfriend, B, of 9 1/2 years who will be going to graduate school at Notre Dame. I am the youngest of 3, a surprise to my parents, but one of the best surprises they ever experienced (says my father).        
I went to school at University of Oregon and am proud Oregon Ducks fan!  I played many sports growing up but my main focus was on basketball. Once I went away to college being active was always such a big part of how I grew up that I continued to work out and play various sports. When I graduated I moved back up to the Portland, OR area to be with B, got a job and this is where I met one of my closest friends, Edna (Kelly).  B and I spend most of our free time together going to the gym, playing tennis or having a BBQ and we try to make it to Maui (the best place on Earth!) each year for a relaxing vacation. When I’m not with Brent I can be found coaching basketball in the winter, reading, working out, hanging out with my family or texting Edna a play by play of my day!
Edna (Kelly): 
I grew up in a small town in Idaho where I participated in 4-H growing up and played several sports before realizing running was the right one for me. I’ve continued to run off and on since then but decided in 2010 to commit to running and completing the Portland Marathon. I would say running is now a necessity for me and I am looking forward to many more races to come. My family is extremely active so we enjoyed skiing, hiking, biking and camping adventures that I carried a love for into adulthood. 
When the time came to head to college and I chose Southern Oregon University.  This is where I met my husband, N. We started out as friends and then…the rest is history! We dated throughout college and then he surprised me by popping the question in Maui (the best place on Earth)! Once married we made our way North with our two kitty children, Ben and Bella, and settled in the Portland area. We try to make it back to Maui every year for our annual vacation. Luckily, I found a job that introduced me to now one of my closest friends, Annie (Katie). In my free time you’ll find me with N or going for runs, trying to get as much sun as Portland will offer, eating fro-yo, reading a great book, or texting Annie.

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