Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites

We apologize for the limited posts this week. It's been a rough week at work. The kind of week where all you can do when you get home from work each day is stare mindlessly at the TV watching reruns of The Hills. Know what we are talking about? Okay good, so we aren't alone in this one. The long weekend is going to be even sweeter than ever! We hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day weekend. Here are some things we have been loving this week.

Loving our other BFF Kate Hudson this week. She's so stinking cute!

Jenna from Eat, Live, Run crafted this delicious looking Oatmeal Sandwich Bread. Can't wait to try it!

Such beautiful colors!

This two-faced kitty is so cute!
Annie is beyond happy and excited still about her engagement!
Absolutely hilarious website, Dogshaming is a must view!
Edna and Annie LOVE these notebooks.  They are going to be a must for wedding planning, meal planning, etc! Go to May Books and get yours!
Oh yes, it is here football fans. Duck football starts TOMORROW. I'm just a little bit excited, can you tell?

Annie & Edna

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