Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lake Michigan:Warren Dunes

Last weekend B and I decided to stretch our legs and go on an adventure. It was roughly 95 degrees on Saturday so we hit the "beach".  Let me explain.  Lake Michigan is only about 45 minutes away from South Bend.  So, it's a great little getaway to be able to lay in the sand and play in the water.  We were expecting "lake" atmosphere, not a beach atmosphere. Needless to say, we were both shocked but also happy that we could lay out and enjoy summer, on the "beach".   
We thought it odd that everyone had these umbrellas up.  Isn't the point of the beach to get sun?

The epic dune. This thing was so difficult to climb, I was sweating buckets by the time we got to the top.

Woo woo! We made it to the top! The view was incredible!

Some friends met up with us at the end of the day...they missed out on sunbathing with us because they were skydiving!!!

The sunset was great last Saturday. The sky was bright pink and orange.

I had to add two sunset pictures for good measure because it was so beautiful. 
Have you been taking advantage of the last bit of summer? What sort of adventures are you going on?? We hope to make it back at least one more time to the lake, and maybe a vineyard in Michigan before fall arrives. Stay tuned for more! 



  1. beautiful! I can imagine climbing that sand would be hard....tough workout!

  2. It sure was, half way up all I could think was, feel the BURRRRN hahaha. It was worth it though!