Monday, September 3, 2012

Aloha Monday!

I am genuinely sorry for those of you who have to work on this glorious holiday, and why is the holiday glorious? One reason, it is on a Monday. What better day to have a holiday? I think all holidays should be on a Monday. The past couple of weeks I've been cooking up a storm. What better things are there to do in South Bend, Indiana? If you can think of any, let me know.  In the mean time, I will continue to cook up fantastic meals and share them with you here.

I know, I food really is fantastic! ;-) I will post the recipes too, so don't fret. The other night B suggested I make Chicken Katsu.  Fantastic idea if you ask me...but how was my first question.  Never fear, the internet is here! We searched for katsu recipes, read the three with the highest rating, semi combined them, and dinner was made!

All we needed was mac salad and a piƱa colada to complete the Hawaiian feast.  I chose to lean towards the Hawaiian inspired recipe, rather than the more authentic Japanese recipe.  Mainly because we eat this dish religiously when we're in Maui and I tend to be drawn towards anything Hawaiian. Hawaiian food is some of the best out there, hands down. This is the recipe I followed, for the most part. Instead of 3/4 cup of cornstarch I used 2 tablespoons, and I didn't have white pepper on hand, so I opted for regular black ground pepper.  Also, I did not use the 1 cup of water, I'm not sure what that was even for. My batter method was to first flour the pounded chicken, then drench it in the egg batter, then the panko. The chicken was crunchy and extremely tender on the inside. I highly recommend trying this! 

Xoxo & Mahalo!

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