Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Approaching Autumn

As much as I love summer and heat and beg for it's arrival every spring there is just something about Fall that makes it my favorite season of all. The local news just stated last night that this Fall is on track for being dryer than normal too. I almost started a sing and dance! We might actually get to see the leaves fall to the ground (without being prematurely beat down by the rain) and get to enjoy the crisp cool air.
The Sellwood Bridge is one of my favorites places to see the best of the Fall colors Portland has to offer.
Another reason for loving Fall, admittidly is the clothing. I can't get enough of scarves, boots, vests and everything else they have to offer! So I thought I would share with you some of the things that I'm looking forward to wearing this Fall. Almost time for a shopping trip! Boy, I miss back to school shopping!
These Frye boots were a happily accepted gift my husband last Fall and I cannot wait to wear them again.
Let's face it. Fall in Portland is never exempt from rain, regardless of how dry they are predicting it to be. I can't wait to pull out my Hunter boots just for that occasion!

I feel like I'm about a year behind but I've finally jumped on the mustard yellow train. Now I'm on the mad hunt to find a mustard yellow cardigan. If you know where I can find a reasonable priced one. Let me know!
Annie and I scooped this Nike vest up through our work a couple months ago. It's perfect for fall!
Mustard yellow again. I love this scarf though. Annie and I just so happen to crochet (stay tuned for our Etsy store coming soon) and she made one this color last year. I'll be making myself one this year for sure!
Those are just a few of the things I can't wait to wear this fall. The list is actually much longer.

My other favorite thing to do in the fall is cook! I love cooking any day but there is just something about the dishes you can make during the fall. Annie feels the same way so be prepared to be bombarded with some delicious savory dishes soon!


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