Monday, August 20, 2012

Instagram Weekend Recap

We hope everyone survived the weekend! Here's what we did.

Annie (follow me on Instagram @katesadventures): 

The water tastes so bad I have to flavor it all the time, thank goodness for these little packets!

Afternoon lunch!
Enjoying the driving range on a sunny afternoon.

Had to drink a little bubbly Friday night!

We were craving a treat...Dutch baby it was!

Tied a hot pink ribbon to the Magnolia tree on ND's campus honoring my mother's victory with breast cancer. I am beyond thankful she survived. xoxo

Edna (follow me on Instagram @keller03):
The cats were loving the 100 degree weather!

Love Starbucks' treat receipt!

The things you find when your parents move from your childhood home. I loved trolls! Okay, I still think they are pretty cute. :)

Our garage sale was surprisingly successful!

Another great find! My parents back in their dating days.

My mom (on the right) skiing at Tahoe. She was about 20 here.
Annie & Edna

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