Thursday, August 23, 2012

Camping at Diamond Lake

A few weeks ago N and I took a camping trip to Diamond Lake for his birthday. It was just the two of us the first night. Our campsite that we had booked was sadly extremely dusty! You could barely walk without creating a ton of dust. Our friends were joining us the following day with their puppy Bauer and we knew he would be dirty than usual in that campsite.
Our car was loaded down. We don't pack light per say...
Pretty campsite but way too dusty for a puppy.

But nothing stopped us from enjoying a campfire the first night.

N had to have a birthday cake from Beaverton Bakery for the weekend.
Luckily for us, many moons ago N worked at Diamond Lake for a summer and knew the lady that worked at the gate house, who happened to still work there. She gave us one of the best campsites in the campground. Right on the lake!

Diamond Lake is very beautiful and serene.

A perfect campsite!

Complete with little rodent friends. :)
Our friends showed up with their puppy Bauer and he must have been just as impressed with the lake as us because he got over his former fear of water and went for his first swim.
Bauer's first swim!

Bauer knows how to relax while camping.
N made everyone a delicious breakfast the next morning and then we rented a fishing boat at the marina nearby for the day. We didn't catch anything but it was still very fun!
Our fancy boat for the day.

Bauer found it very relaxing.

N and I had a nice sunset cruise together taking the boat back.
On the day we left we stopped by Crater Lake on our way out because it was only 3 miles from Diamond Lake. Too close to not go! It was beautiful as ever.

It was a great end of summer camping trip and an even better birthday weekend for N. The stars at night were more beautiful than I can describe. You can see the Milky Way and almost every constellation you can think of. We could have stared at the night sky for hours. After 3 nights we definitely had our fill of camping and were happy to go home and take a hot shower.


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