Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Running/Workout Gear

Now that summer is in full swing (I know, I know, for some of you it's been in full swing for well over a month now) our workouts tend to head outdoors. At least I know mine do. But with those workouts comes a battle with the heat. Timing your workout so it's not in the heat of the day is key. Yet, even when you time it you need to have clothing that keeps you cool.

Below I listed some of my favorites that I like to wear when I'm heading out for a summer run.

Nike Cotton Dri-fit Rib Tank
I love these tanks and actually wear them for even gym work outs.

Nike Fast Pace Tank-On sale!
I have a couple of these and mainly use them for long summer runs. They are very lightweight, moisture wicking and great for those hot days.

Nike Pro Compression Sports Bra
I swear by these bras. They suck you in, big time. Nothing is going to jiggle, let alone move with one of these.

Nike Running Twisted Tempo Shorts
I just got these shorts actually. I used to always wear the traditional Nike Tempo short but have had issues with chaffing around miles 8-10. These are a lighterweight and nicer seamed version of the tempo shorts.

Nike Lightweight Socks
I have to have the thinnest socks out there. The first thing to get hot during a run is my feet. These are the closest thing I have found to going barefoot.

Asics GEL-Nimbus 14
I will be doing a review on these shoes soon. I just need to get a few more miles logged on them first.
Nike+ Sportswatch GPS
I just got this watch for my birthday and I love it! I'm already addicted to always having it with me and can't believe I've waited this long to get one.
So there is my list of my haves for summer running. What items do you love for summer runs?


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  1. I LOVE all your must have's! We have the same taste. Haha.
    I know one of you is moving away...but the other one should come to my rooftop terrace Pilates class since you love to work-out outdoors!
    It's a beautiful 360 view of Portland.