Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vino Decor

If you are like me and always on a quest to find awesome home decor that is unique and not too expensive then look no further! Well, you will need a few other items in your home to complete the "look" but I have a great start for someone who may need inspiration, or who needs an extra pop with a bit of 'wow' factor. 

The wine bottle candelabra!  You can purchase the candelabra here on Amazon, only $29.95. What would I do without Amazon?  Next, if you have a bottle of wine laying around, drink it, that is if you have any full bottles left, and now you have the main piece to your decoration taken care of. The best part is it doesn't need to be expensive wine.  There's always 2 buck Chuck at Trader Joe's!  Lastly, add a few votive candles! Easy peasy. 

My other favorite...fake wine cork candles. Even LESS expensive than first idea, but also an awesome center piece that people 'wow' at.  You can purchase a set of 12 candles for $22.00 here. Less than $2 per candle...pretty great deal if you ask me!

This simple touch will really dress up a wine bar in your home, the dining table, or counter top.  There are so many possibilities with these simple little candles.  Plus, you can leave the wax drip on the bottle. Keep using the same bottle to receive that classic Italian restaurant atmosphere in your own home. It really gives your decor some character.  It's also a great conversation piece!
Do you have a favorite type of wine that you would love to reuse the bottle as decor?


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