Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Annie Moves, Day 2: Road Trip, Moving, Adventures

Sorry for the long break between posts! We went a long time without reception and I had to drive as well...which took away from my free time!
Day two was great, after we woke up from our luxurious stay at the Traveler's Inn we were on our way to Yellowstone! The drive was 4 1/2 hours but went by pretty quick because I was so excited!
The ever luxurious, "super clean", Traveler's Inn in Missoula, Montana!
Yellowstone was absolutely breathtaking! The scenery, animals, and  natural wonders were great! We saw the geysers and they were incredible. Super stinky though...I felt like I walked into an outdoor room, full of humid, sticky, rotten egg smelling air. No joke. Sulfur is nasty smelling. Old Faithful made up for it, and the frozen yogurt cone after :)
Small geyser, super smelly, but very cool!

Old Faithful! It erupts every 46-90 minutes, it's worth the wait!

Delicious frozen yogurt at Yellowstone.
We continued along our adventure and decided we must eat our lunch because we were starving. B was adamant we eat at Yellowstone Lake, which I didn't have any qualms with because I wanted to be by the water, it was HOT out. We pulled over and ate next to the lake (which looked like an ocean because it was SO huge) and enjoyed our alone time. He then said, "I'm going to grab our water" and I thought nothing of it. He comes back, water in hand, and tells me he has a surprise for me. I was still clueless at this point, and I said, "oh, are we still driving down to the Grand Tetons?!" and he chuckled and said no. He then whips out the ring box and gets down on one knee and says, "Not the Tetons, I have this for you! Kate will you marry me?" I was in pure shock and lurched at him saying "yes, yes, YES!" and started kissing him like crazy. I was shaking with excitement by this point and then said, "seriously?!" He bursted out laughing and said "Yes! I'm totally serious!" Then he put the ring on me and I could not quit grinning from ear to ear! (I am sure I still have the goofy, "just got engaged grin", on my face). We took a pic together and he then said, "you have get the rock in the picture!" but I couldn't hold my hand up still enough for a picture because I was still shaking from excitement!
Side view of Yellowstone Lake, where we got engaged!

The ring!

Engaged and happier than words could describe!
Afterwards, we drove more through Yellowstone and found a place that finally had reception and called our family with the great news. Then we decided to keep on driving and ended up in Cody, Wyoming. We stopped for dinner there to celebrate. We had a great dinner and enjoyed the locals.
Driving to Cody, Wyoming. Definitely grizzly country!

Engagement dinner: rabbit, quail, and elk sausage. It was so good!
I will post again tomorrow about Mt.Rushmore and driving through what I like to call, "the nothing".
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  1. congrats on your engagement, beautiful friend! miss you!