Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Friday Favorites

We made it to Friday! Thank goodness for summer hours...11:00am cannot come soon enough. Edna and I have our day all planned out, new shoes HERE.WE.COME. YAY! We both agree, if we could have a shoe closet, 100% dedicated to shoes, we would in a heartbeat. Anyway, here are our Friday faves, enjoy and soak in the weekend!
Look at that FACE!
A black and white kitten stretching out its arms and paws while its eyes are still closed.
I feel ya little kitty. Mornings are rough! Especially Friday mornings.
Love this look! Perfect for the beach.
S'mores Caramel Corn
Precious little friends in the forest! Attack of the Cute, check out this site. I die.
Oh someecards: This is me and spiders! Ask Edna how she feels about snakes...
A perfect DG shirt. LOVE. Also, love the blog I saw it on: Atlantic-Pacific.
Oh Eeyore...he is so right. Be thoughtful, it goes a long way.
Annie & Edna

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