Thursday, August 16, 2012

There and Back Again, not by Bilbo Baggins

This week I had the pleasure of driving down to Indianapolis for work, and back. I was initially excited to see more of the state, but I quickly learned there is not much to see. It is generally flat lands with corn fields, farm fields, farm houses, barns, and miscellaneous scenery (grain silos).  The best part is that the weather was great and I didn't run into traffic. :) 
South Bend to Indy is roughly 135 miles one way.  I didn't think much of that because Portland to Eugene (where I went to college) is close to that distance.  I've done the drive more times that I can count and it was near painless.  Not the drive from South Bend to Indy.  It's not one consistent speed the entire way, so you are slowing down and speeding up the whole way. This added to my travel time :(
Make sure and note that these pictures were all taken at different times, yet all so similar. I passed an Amish store South of Kokomo.  It looked like a great fresh food little market, but I didn't have it in me stop.  I was on a mission to get home. Plus, I stocked up at Costco in Indianapolis before I hit the road.  It's one of the closest Costco's to us...135 miles away. I know. Let's just say I feel like I bought the entire store, I needed to have the peace of mind that we would have good food that would last for a while. 
My evenings in a nut shell while on the road.  Pretty crazy I know!  After our fine dining experience at The Ram I watched Histories Mysteries and Shark Week (I'm so cool and I know you're jealous)!!!  It was a great way to unwind after a full day of meetings, trainings, tours etc. My brain felt like mush and I needed to mindlessly stare at something, reading a book was just too much.
Here I am on the home stretch.  I was about 30 minutes outside of South Bend.  I must admit, when I knew I was close I decided it was best to drive 80 in the 60 zone. I'm full of good decisions.  I just couldn't sit any longer!!! If you know me, I do not like to sit still for long periods of time. Let's just say antsy doesn't begin to cover how I felt haha. Not to worry, I arrived home safe and sound with Costco store in tow. 


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