Monday, July 16, 2012

Instagram Weekend Recap

It was a busy weekend for both of us! There were copius amounts of organizing, de-cluttering and Goodwill giving going on. Annie is pretty much all packed and ready to hit the road and Edna now has plenty of room in her closet for new shoes. Here is a quick recap of our weekend via Instagram. Enjoy!

Annie: (follow me on Instagram @katesadventures)
B and I had his birthday dinner at Dave & Buster's BBQ (his choice), he just had to have cornbread.

Best dessert ever. Yes, I'm biased, but good grief, all that is holy, marionberry cheesecake is the best thing ever invented.

We're almost packed for the move to Indiana! This weekend was almost all work. Pack, purge, take to Goodwill, sold the big items. I'm so done.

My dad had B and I over for dinner this weekend. He spoiled me with all my favorite foods and topped it off with a taste of Hawaii.

The sunset over the Columbia River when we drove home from dinner with my dad was incredible.
Edna (follow me on Instagram @keller03):
Great way to start the weekend. Coffee and bagels for Annie's last day at work and then a random cupcake.

Rooby loves her boxes. Especially boxes that had items for her in them.

Portland's version of Burt's Bee chapstick. I really like it!

It's the last year for the Hallmark Fashion Barbie ornament and so they threw a little party. Yum!

Great way to start a new week. Fresh peaches someone brought into work.
Annie & Edna

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