Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's finally October! Have we mentioned we love fall? Annie is continuing her birthday celebrations this weekend with a little birthday party and Ducks game. Edna is gearing up for the Portland Half Marathon on Sunday. It's going to be a great weekend! Here are some things we've been loving this week!
We're happy you're here.

Next month you guys! NEXT MONTH! :)

"I noticed a little tension in your lower back..."

One of my favorite ab exercises of all time. If it's too difficult to do without bending your knees you can try it by bending your knees and rolling the ball to your chest with your feet. It's a great ab workout!
Zucchini, garlic, and mozzarella stuff chicken. This looks amazing, find the recipe here.

My (Annie) favorite album as of late.

Adorable way to organize your perfume on your vanity. I love me some Coco Chanel and Daisy :)

Oh, did you hear? It's fall! That means sweater time!

Annie & Edna

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