Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Food Continued

Edna and I decided it would be great to continue the fall recipes throughout the season because who doesn't love comfort food that is savory and delicious? Here is another addition to the Fall Food theme.

Mustard, Ginger, & Honey Pork Chops

Click here for Printable Recipe

ginger (I used ground ginger from Market of Choice)
soy sauce
garlic powder
olive oil
4 thin sliced pork chops

1. I always slice off any fat on the edges of the pork chops, then salt and pepper them to your liking. 
 2. Drizzle olive oil in a non-stick pan. Turn the burner to medium-high.  If your range has numbers, I make sure it's between the 4 and 5. 
3. Once the pan is heated toss on the pork chops.  Immediately sprinkle ginger all over them, then sprinkle the garlic powder. 
4. Next, drizzle the mustard (be generous--I put it on side to side in a zig zag patteren). 
5. Grab your honey and add the same about as you did for the mustard. 
6. Lightly pour the soy sauce over each pork chop.  I pretend like I am drawing a line down the middle of the pork chop long ways.  Do not over do it with soy sauce. Too much will ruin the other flavors.
7. Flip them over and repeat steps 3-6.  After each side is covered I continue to flip them so they evenly cook.
8. You want your pork chop to have a glazed brown coating on each that point most of the moisture should have cooked off.



  1. this looks delicious! I love pork chops but I always forget about buying them.

  2. Thanks! I never used to make them until B and I moved in together...I found out quick he loved them, so I've gotten creative with different ways to prepare them. I will for sure be posting more variations! But, this is one of my favorites. :)

  3. ive never cooked porkchops but i might just have to try this recipe, it sounds yummy!