Thursday, October 4, 2012

Emergency Vet Visit

Yesterday we had a scary experience in our household with George! 3:00pm rolls around and I was getting myself ready to leave and take my drivers test for my new license here in Indiana.  All of a sudden I hear B say, "OH no, come here, over here, over here, it's ok, it's ok!!!" All panick-y like.  I run out into the living room to find him holding George while the poor little pup is throwing up. Thank goodness it was on the concrete floor!!! So, I proceed to clean it up while B makes sure George is getting fresh water and gets to his little bed. When I walked over to pet him and see if he's ok....he was NOT.  He had propped himself up on his pillow bed, half sitting, half leaning on our bed and he was swaying...his eyes looked disoriented and scared. I immediately freaked out. B said, he is probably dehydrated and scared, he needs water.  I coax him to his water bowl, he would not drink. I give him an ice cube (his favorite), and he was so weak he couldn't even hold it in his mouth. While standing, his swaying got worse.  His walking got wobbly and shaky. I was in tears and in full freak out mode. I had B come take a look at him and told him, "this is bad, something is WRONG." We both decided he needed to get to the vet asap. I googled one and got him down there as fast as possible. The worst part is, B had 3 finals to study for (all today) and another for Friday. He was a BIT overwhelmed. So, I rushed out the door promising to call from the Vet's and let him know what was going on.
Our sweet little pup a few days ago before the scare.
I get there and the staff were wonderful, they rushed him in and got him fluids straight away. I was filling out George's intake form all while they were questioning what could he have gotten in to, what do we feed him etc.  I couldn't think of ANYTHING that he could have eaten in the house because we are very strict about nothing being in his reach that he could eat or lick that could harm him. All of a sudden I get a text from B...he wrote, "I have a bad feeling he may have eaten a small amount of pot, the neighbor boys are outside smoking weed right now on their patio." (We share a courtyard with all of our neighbors) I show the technician, she then relays it to the doctor.  Within 5 minutes the doctor came out to speak with me.  He told me George's symptoms were text book marijuana ingestion. I was worried and relieved all at the same time. He said it is VERY rare for it to be life threatening and it needed to flush out his system. They gave him an IV and also injected fluids under his skin for his body to slowly absorb to flush out the toxins. 
Passed out on me trying to recover :(
I brought him home bandaged up, he was still confused, disoriented and VERY tired. I sat with him all evening while he slept on me like a baby.  7:45pm rolled around and I had to get up and make us dinner. I roused George and he seemed MUCH better. Not as wobbly or confused...and much more perky.  We gave him food with water in it...he eventually scarfed it down. I continued to give him tons of water and took him out every hour.   This morning rolled around and he seems back to normal, thank GOODNESS.  We're headed back to the vet this morning to have his IV removed and another check up to make sure he is good to go.  I am just happy to report he is happy and acting his normal self!! 

Ready for bed and finally looking like himself!
 Have you ever had a scary pet experience?


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