Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday!

It's been a very busy and exciting week for Annie and Edna, and better yet, it's Friday! We couldn't be more excited for the weekend.  We both have a lot to do and pictures to take for our upcoming Etsy store.  

Also, more exciting news this week, Annie and B adopted a doggy! He is incredibly snuggly and lovie.  He is a rescue dog from Heartland Small Animal Rescue. He was found on a toll road here, which is super scary because it's like a highway, and he survived and now has a forever home!
Meet George! He is a Sheltie mix and extremely sweet!
Look for many more George updates. So far he's been great and was potty trained before we adopted him, and he has fantastic house manners. I think he's going to be a wonderful running buddy since he is a sheep dog and loves to run around. What are you plans for the weekend, anything fun?

Annie & Edna

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