Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Friday Favorites

It's Friday! If that isn't a reason to rejoice than we don't know what is! Here's some things we've been loving this week!
That's right.

Kitty paws are the cutest.

Need a navy blazer asap.

The American gymnastics 'Fab Five' got to meet Princess Kate. We know Kate, We were shocked and jealous too. Aly Raisman tweeted "Just met princess Kate with @jordyn_wieber @kyla_ross96 & @gabrielledoug she is so beautiful & so nice! I told her I loved her style lol :)" They are so lucky but we think they probably earned it.
Gorgeous kitchen! Open to the family room, this is ideal.

Adorable! Find them here, I could go for a new pair of grey wedges!

Have you seen Magic Mike? If you haven't, do it now. No excuses. This man, along with many others will knock your socks off. Everyone, meet Joe Manganiello, you're welcome.

Now this is a cocktail dress, sign me up! Find it here.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Annie & Edna

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