Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Friday Favorites!

It's been sort of a hectic week for Annie & Edna. Annie has been unpacking, adjusting, and starting her new job this week.  Edna has been very busy at work (spring & fall season are very busy in her industry) and she's been getting prepared to go say good-bye to her childhood home this weekend. So, in light of many life changing and emotional things going on in our lives here are our Friday favorites, all with a happy undertone to put a smile on yours and our faces!

What are you doing this weekend?

Hahaha so innocent!

Adorable and simple summer outfit.

This applies our feelings often.
Awwww smooshie face!
100% true. Nothing comes to you by wishing, you have to earn it.

Our favorite couple, this is one of the all time cutest pictures!

Oh heyyyy! We like birthdays, how bout you?!

Have a great weekend, see you Monday!

Annie & Edna

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