Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Friday Favorites!

Well, Annie is well on her way, driving half way across the country to her new home in Indiana. Meanwhile, I'm here in humid Portland. I'm really hoping the sun is going to come out and burn off the humidity because it's getting a little too sticky for my taste.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! Here are some Friday Favorites!

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Look at this gorgeous DIY farmhouse table. I can't believe that you can make it yourself for $65!
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Osmosis? :)
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Shamelss promotion. My husband's newest business venture launched this last weekend. And I might be biased but how great is this Day Clrblkd Leather Belt?
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My sister-in-law sent me this recipe for S'more Brownies by the Brown Eyed Baker and told me they had my name written all over them. She knows me too well. :) 
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Love this Pride & Prejudice and Mr. Darcy sign. Get is here.

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Why I love running.

Annie should be back with me next week to share in the Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!


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