Monday, July 30, 2012

Instagram Weekend Recap

We hope everyone had a great weekend! Here is a little recap of our weekend!

Annie (follow me on Instagram @katesadventures):

1. Our stuff finally arrived!
2. Hello ridiculous​ly stuffed pod. Terrible day unpacking this beast in 95 degree + day.
3. The madness. Enough said.
4. The courtyard. Sweet relief from unpacking.
5. Panini with the new griddle! And no dishes to clean up!
6. Lunch. Pomegranite, blueberry and mango.
7. New French press for free from new friends moving to Shanghai in two days!
8. Finally laying out. My favorite thing. Especially since it's over 90 degrees today!

Edna (follow me on Instagram @keller03):

1. Bella is on a diet and pretty proud of the half pound she has lost. :)
2. Dinner by the hubby! So delicious!
3. Free Joe's Burgers for our Anniversary lunch.
4. Course Kitty at the Catnip 5K.
5. Running the Catnip 5K for our 5 year Anniversary.
6. My hardcore cat tattoo. It's only temporary... for now...

What did you do this weekend? Be sure to follow our blog for updates!

Annie & Edna

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