Thursday, June 28, 2012

Missing Annie

Today as you know Annie was attending her Grandmother's funeral. And I got my first taste of what life will be like when Annie moves. I don't even want to acknowledge the fact that it's going to be happening in just over two weeks. We have sat next to one another at work for almost 2 years and to know that I can't just pop my head over my cubicle wall and talk to her makes me sad.
Don't be jealous of our classy workspace. We put a lot of work into making it look this way.
Our job's are seasonally busy and therefore during the summer things get considerably slower. Which gives us plenty of time to do other projects but there is also a lot of down time as well. So, with Annie gone I find myself quite bored because she's who I talk to all day long. We also like to use our afternoon break to soak up a little sunshine (when there is some) and go on a walk down the road outside of our office. Walking alone just isn't as fun.
Anyway, enough of this sad talk. We have many things to look forward to. Like Magic Mike on Friday and my birthday on Sunday.
Not a bad place for a walk.
I couldn't resist doing my workout outside yesterday when it was so nice out. So N and I opted for a walk on our favorite running path, it's a 6 mile loop so it's nice knowing you'll get a good walk or run in.
Walking on our favorite running path.
If you had nice weather where you live I hope that you got to enjoy it. My thoughts and prayers go out to those that are not having the best weather right now from Tropical Storm Debby and the forest fires in Colorado and surrounding states.


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